are an award-winning specialist firm dedicated to assisting our clients to achieve the best possible returns from their businesses as well as from asset-backed luxury investments.

Working with us is an extremely straightforward and rewarding process.

All our business consultancy work is guaranteed – unless we achieve the outcomes agreed we don’t receive fees. On average, our past clients have achieved ROIs of approximately 4x our fees.

All asset investments are hand-picked by specialists and insured by regulated third parties. Whether you are an experienced investor or new to investing in the asset class we can arrange a portfolio with you, or for you, as suits you best.

Our Founder

Mary Taylor started her business career as a corporate lawyer with the Magic Circle global law firm Clifford Chance LLP. She has spent the last 20 years owning, operating and consulting for a variety of businesses globally.

She has a particular interest in luxury businesses and asset investments, founding and managing several high-end businesses and specialising in bespoke asset investments.

Mary is passionate about achieving the best possible returns for clients whilst making the experience straightforward and rewarding.

Mary leads our global team of highly specialised and experienced independent consultants, advisors and portfolio managers.

Our Clients’ Opinions

Our standard is excellence.

Our consultancy services do not charge fees unless agreed outcomes have been reached.

Our asset investments provide outstanding, rare, and exclusive buy-in opportunities at market, or below market, prices.